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Rush, Spies, and Clones, Oh My!

Title: In The Valley of the Clones
Fandom: Rush (the band from Canada, ICYDK!)
Pairing: Uh?
Rating: about PG-13

RP! Fanfics, you don't come by a lot of them anymore since fanfiction.net banned them, you occasionally run across one here and there. Interesting you find a story like this one in this story Geddy Lee (Rush's lead singer and bass player) buys a vineyard in Napa Valley, he and the group's guitarist Alex Lifeson discover a secret transport thingy (kind of like in both versions of "The Fly") and some assassins want to kill Neil Peart because he used to be a spy in the early 70s before he joined the group.

Some prime choice cuts:

Oswald leaned his head against the passenger side window. "Man, this Mr. Big guy must really hate Rush to pay for a job like this," he said. "Good thing he didn't ask us to kill Foghat, I'd have turned him into the FBI."
Does ANYONE really care about Foghat?

"How is cloning musicians going to contribute to the decline of civilization?" Geddy asked.
That and the Jonas Brothers

"Think about it," Al said. "It wouldn't be so bad having duplicates. If we can clone Neil we'd never have to tour again. We could just stay home and collect the checks."
"You're assuming these guys have your musical abilities," the balding man said.
"Besides," Ged added, "we'll see how enthusiastic you'll be about having a twin the first time you catch him in bed with your wife."

Oh, those wacky clones!

Al checked his hands. "Ten fingers," he said, "and I hope ten toes, too." He bent forward slightly and looked at his pants. "Maybe if we're lucky we've grown a few inches elsewhere."
Isn't science great? Don't forget about those clones and they're amazing vocabularies...

"Geddy want wo-man." The clone smiled
The Alex clone smiled and nodded. "Me want lasagna."
The clone smiled. "Geddy run fast."

For the "complete" story
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