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Rush, Spies, and Clones, Oh My!

Title: In The Valley of the Clones
Fandom: Rush (the band from Canada, ICYDK!)
Pairing: Uh?
Rating: about PG-13

RP! Fanfics, you don't come by a lot of them anymore since fanfiction.net banned them, you occasionally run across one here and there. Interesting you find a story like this one in this story Geddy Lee (Rush's lead singer and bass player) buys a vineyard in Napa Valley, he and the group's guitarist Alex Lifeson discover a secret transport thingy (kind of like in both versions of "The Fly") and some assassins want to kill Neil Peart because he used to be a spy in the early 70s before he joined the group.
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For the "complete" story
death note LJ

Move over My Immortal, there's a new horrid Sue in fandom!

Title: imma Wiserd (spelled exactly as written.)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating:T/ PG 13
Pairings: Head/Desk

I think it's safe to say it's a troll. Although nothing can replace the hilarious badness of My Immortal, this one might come close with it's racism, spelling that would make your English teacher shit bricks, and a lack of anything resembling Harry Potter. The Stu is supposed to be a black kid that can do everything better than Harry (who is also black, but, as we find out, was turned white in the movies to make more money *roll eyes*), including play bromstiks.

I'd attempt a summary, but I wouldn't know where to begin.
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Well, I'm pregent, said Venus

Don't you just hate it when you're looking for a godawful fic and when you're looking for said train wreck to show your pals, you can't find it? This was my situation; luckily, I found the next best thing: a dramatic reading of said fic! (Too bad it's only up to the third chapter)

The now deleted fic the narrator is making fun of is "New Anglen Baby", a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (specifically "Ninja Turtles: the New Mutation" canon) fic formerly on FF.Net courtesy of LeoTMNTGirl, whose grammar and spelling is so appalling you hope to God it's a troll.

Here are the links to the videos:

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Oh, yeah- there was also a sequel to this fic; it was just as shitty as this one (and even had incest).

Putting WTF back in WTF?Fanfiction

This fic really deserves a place here by virtue of the author being unable to spell the main character's name right--in the title, no less.

Title: Ruika Goes Crazy and Stuff (Exactly spelling)
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Rukia, Ichigo, or rather their sugar high crack-head versions
Rating: The author put this at PG-13, but's it's really much closer to G
Plot: Ummmmm....Rukia and Ichigo on crack?

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*Edited to add a link.

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