WTF Fanfiction?

It's ok, we've all been warped by fandom here.

WTF? Fanfiction
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Welcome to wtffanfiction, a community dedicated to laughable fanfiction and the people who love it.

It's a catharsis of laughter from fictions that include bad porn, major OOCs, crackfiction and more, all with a healthy dose of snark.

Since this community is PG-13 at face value you'll have to friend to see anything with a higher rating. But its ok, we're a friendly bunch just ever so slightly insane.

Due to livejournal's large population of wild trolls, membership to this community is moderated. Don't let that worry you too much, though. Providing you aren't a troll, you're more than welcome here. If, for some reason, you aren't granted membership when you should have been, please contact one of the maintainers.

Please put any fic samples under an lj-cut, as we don't want to spam anyone's f-lists. If you don't know how to do that then you can find out how to do so here.

We'd also be rather grateful if you'd use the following format for your posts, because we're evil dictators who like imposing lots of rules it'll just make things easier for everyone:

<B> Title: </B>
<B> Fandom: </B>
<B> Pairing: </B>
<B> Rating: </B>

A few other rules

1. Don't link directly to anyone's livejournal, even if that's where the fic is. We don't want to get in trouble with lj's abuse team now, do we?

2. I know that it can be very hard with a truly badfic to pick just a few bits of the story to share, but please don't post the whole thing, no matter how awful it is.

3. Please friend-lock the submissions rated NC-17 or R so that they cannot be accessed through a search browser.

We don't condone the flaming of authors. At all. Just thought that should be pointed out.

The moderators of this community accept no responsiblity for any trauma caused by reading the fics posted here.